How to Negotiate Successfully in China
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  • Essentials on how to negotiate effectively in China 
  • Key differences between Western and Chinese styles
  • Actionable advice for companies of all sizes and entrepreneurs
  • 25 videos in HD/SD + downloadable slides
  • Unlimited access anytime, anywhere, on any device
  • Andrew Hupert is the Founder of ChinaSolved and expert in Chinese negotiation, with over 20 years on the ground in China
  • 7 day money back guarantee

Course Overview


  • Learn the basics of negotiating in China
  • Compare Western and Chinese Tactics
  • Negotiate more effectively in China


"Standard Western negotiation tactics won't work in China; to negotiate successfully you need to understand the different styles and what works when dealing with Chinese counterparts"


                                                                      -- Andrew Hupert, Founder & Managing Director, ChinaSolved


You may know this already: Westerners and Chinese have very different negotiation styles.

However many Westerners still think that applying the same tactics they use in their home country, would lead to the same successful outcomes. This is indeed the biggest mistake you can make when you are negotiating with Chinese counterparts.

In this course Andrew Hupert, an expert in Chinese negotiation and business school professor with over 20 years of experience on the ground, walks you through the difference between how Westerners and Chinese negotiate. Understanding this difference it’s critical to conducting successful negotiations in China. Ignoring those differences will lead to negotiate sub-optimal deals, if not, in the worst cases, losing the deal altogether.

This is a practical course, suitable for entrepreneurs, executives and managers of companies of all sizes – whether or not you have experience doing business in China or not. As long as you want to become more effective when negotiating in China both with Chinese counterparts as well as with their own headquarters back home, this course is for you.

We offer a 7-day money back guarantee on this course - no questions asked.

Note: this is the core course on successful China negotiation; to go deeper on the topic, we recommend watching the advanced course Top 10 China Negotiating Mistakes. Discounts are available when purchasing both courses at once.

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1 Negotiating in China: Highlights to Get Started
Video course icon Transactions vs. Relationships
Video course icon Gladiators vs. Pandas
Video course icon 5 Take-Aways of Negotiating in China
2 Chinese Negotiation in Action
Video course icon Chinese Negotiators' Common Practices
Video course icon Common Goals & Objectives
Video course icon Chinese Business Customs
Video course icon Breaking the Unwritten Rules (Example)
3 Comparing Western and Chinese Negotiation Tactics
Video course icon Western Negotiation Tactics
Video course icon How to Kill a Deal (Example)
Video course icon Chinese Negotiation Tactics
Video course icon Filling Knowledge Gaps (Example)
Video course icon When Westerners and Chinese Negotiate
Video course icon Key Differences Between the Two Sides
4 The Negotiation is On! Traps to Avoid & Strategies for Success
Video course icon The 3 Phases of a Chinese Negotiation
Video course icon Time Tactics (Example)
Video course icon Your 5 Key Counter-Tactics in Chinese Negotiations
Video course icon Your 4 and 1/2 Sources of Power
Video course icon New Approaches and Strategies
5 Wrap Up
Video course icon Final Thoughts
Video course icon An Additional Resource: Introducing My Book, The Fragile Bridge
6 Virtual Q&A
Video course icon Question #1 - As China Becomes More Developed, Do Cultural Nuances Still Matter?
Video course icon Question #2 - Do Regional Differences in China Matter When It Comes to Negotiation Style?
Video course icon Question #3 - What Are the Top 3 Negotiation Mistakes Made by Westerners in China?
Video course icon Question #4 - What Are the Top 3 Key Success Factors When Negotiating in China?
Video course icon Question #5 - What Makes You Qualified to Deliver This Course?

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Francesca Rocca
excellent video with deeply interesting contents. very useful indeed to better understand the way Chinese do business and negotiate worldwide and the reasons behind many failures in the early-stages of a business relationship. Thank you for making it available online!
Daniel Zaretsky
Fabulous, top-notch. Makes me want to learn more. This should be taught in all schools in this globalized world. Human psychology and the differences among cultures and how to deal with that.
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