Top 10 China Negotiating Mistakes (Advanced Course)
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  • Top 10 mistakes Westerners make when negotiating in China
  • Advice on how to manage negotiation with your HQ
  • Advanced course for experienced managers & entrepreneurs
  • 21 videos in HD/SD + downloadable slides
  • Unlimited access anytime, anywhere, on any device
  • Andrew Hupert is the Founder of ChinaSolved and expert in Chinese negotiation, with over 20 years on the ground in China
  • 7 day money back guarantee

Course Overview


  • Avoid major negotiating mistakes
  • Address most common problems
  • Negotiate more effectively in China


"Your chances to negotiate successfully in China will increase dramatically once you understand the most common mistakes made by Westerners before you."


                                                                      -- Andrew Hupert, Founder & Managing Director, ChinaSolved


Westerners have been doing business in China for decades. Countless negotiations have been taking place with Chinese counterparts. However, despite this body of past experience, Westerners often fail to grasp the fundamental cultural nuances of negotiating in China and end up making the same mistakes others have made before them, over and over.

Wouldn't you want to avoid those mistakes?

In this course Andrew Hupert, an expert in Chinese negotiation and business school professor with over 20 years of experience on the ground, walks you through the top 10 mistakes Westerners make when negotiating in China, the underlying problems behind those mistakes and the remedies to address them. 

This is a practical course, suitable for entrepreneurs, executives and managers of companies of all sizes who already have experience doing business in China and want to become more effective when negotiating in China both with Chinese counterparts as well as with their own headquarters back home.


We offer a 7-day money back guarantee on this course - no questions asked.


Note: this course builds on the core course How to Negotiate Successfully in China. We recommend watching the core course first in order to maximize your learning on the topic. Discounts are available when purchasing both courses at once.



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1 Fresh Perspective for Experienced Negotiators
Video course icon A Problem-Solving Approach
2 Top 10 China Negotiating Mistakes
Video course icon Mistake #1 - Flying Blind
Video course icon When You Think You Know It All (Example)
Video course icon Mistake #2 - Building on a Weak Foundation
Video course icon When Your Home Office Is Not Aligned (Example)
Video course icon Mistake #3 - Declaring “Mission Accomplished”
Video course icon It's (Almost) a Done Deal! (Example)
Video course icon Mistake #4 - Losing Control of the Agenda
Video course icon Escalating The Size of The Deal (Example)
Video course icon Mistake #5- Training Your Own Competition
Video course icon Please Take My Know-How and Client List (Example)
Video course icon Mistake #6 - Coasting on Past Successes or Good Starts
Video course icon Leaving the Most Contentious Issue for Last (Example)
Video course icon Mistake #7 - Searching for Common Ground
Video course icon Same Words, Opposite Meanings (Example)
Video course icon Mistake #8 - Playing by Western HR Rules
Video course icon Rising Stars, Shooting Stars (Example)
Video course icon Mistake #9 - Delegating the Strategy Role
Video course icon The Risk of Delegating Authority (Example)
Video course icon Mistake #10 - Forgetting That It's Only Guanxi Until You Get Caught
3 Wrap Up
Video course icon Final Thoughts

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Daniel Zaretsky
Another excellent course, following up on the first one. Require for anyone wanting to do business with China. This course gives you practical ways to negotiate with the Chinese that you can always use and return back to.
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