Westerners have been doing business in China for decades and countless negotiations have been taking place with Chinese counterparts.  

Yet Westerners often fail to grasp the fundamental cultural nuances of negotiating in China and end up making the same mistakes others have made before them, over and over.


Top 10 China Negotiating Mistakes


I have put together a list of the what I consider to be the top 10 China negotiating mistakes to avoid - otherwise known as the China Solved Least Wanted List.

You want to make sure you don't do anything that is on this list.

Negotiating successfully in China is all about building relationships and staying in control of your goals and business plan; you should also try to avoid making the same mistakes that others have made before you.

So, what are those mistakes? Let's start off with the first one.


China Negotiating Mistake #1


The first China negotiating mistake is: flying blind.

You don't have to have all the answers when doing business in China, and it would be unrealistic for anyone. But you do have to know the right questions and have same way of gauging and analyzing the information and advice that others are giving you.

The problem is that, when you come to China from the West, you probably don't know enough about the local business environment to make informed decisions on your own.


The Solution


The solution for this problem is to develop a formal business intelligence system from day one.

This business intelligence system is meant to get you up to speed in critical areas of your business and enable you to assess the information and advice that you are getting from other people.

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