Western methods often work against you when it comes to negotiating in China.

This is especially true in terms of contracts, agenda setting and dispute resolutions

Therefore, you should know how to prepare your negotiation approach so that not only you can get the deal done (i.e. sign the contract) but also do the business - these two are not necessarily the same thing in China.


Chinese Negotiating Tactics


Chinese tactics are not mysterious and not that difficult to understand once you know what to look for.

In fact, Chinese tactics tend to follow a very predictable pattern.

You ought to plan on spending the time to develop relationships and continue the negotiation long after you feel it should be over.

Indeed in China there is on old joke that says that'''signing the contract is not the end of the negotiation, it's the beginning of the real negotiation.''


How Do Westerners and Chinese View the Negotiation?


Generally speaking, this is how Westerners (and Americans in particular) see the negotiation process:

  • we believe in a little bit of confrontation
  • we feel that a bit of conflict during the negotiation is normal and even healthy
  • we think that confrontation and conflict help to build a stronger partnership later
  • we believe that usually there is a winner in the negotiation
  • most of what we believe in a negotiation ends at a certain point


This is how Chinese see the negotiation:

  • they believe in relationship
  • they establish the relationship first
  • then they maneuver within the relationship to establish a stronger position
  • the importance of the relationship does not mean the negotiation will never get tough; it certainly can


If you want to negotiate successfully in China, you must understand ahead of time the differences in approach, style, and tactics used by Westerners and Chinese counterparts, and learn how to prepare your optimal negotiation plan for China.



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